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Picture of kurikuri
I'am an african guy living in kyoto and I'm looking for a boyfriend.
I'm 21yo and my height is 190cm. ah and I'm top!^^
I have what you call GACHIMUCHI in japanese. no, that's not a sickness(lol). to make it simple that's the mix of chub and muscles...ok, just look at the pic!

my native language is french, so I'm not that good at speaking english but my japanese is kind of good.

I'm looking for a serious relationship more than just sex.(that doesn't mean we won't have sex though)
up until now I've been going out only with japanese guys but I'm TOTALY ok with going out with white or black guys! It doesn't make any difference to me.

I like...yeah...I'd like to say young and cute but...that's not really it.
someone who's easy to get along with or a guy who's not girlish would be perfect I think. a girlish guy is ok as long as he's really cute.
if possible someone who will be in japan for a long time like me.

if you're interested send me a message
...I don't want to be alone at christmas...(T_T)






j'ai trop la fleme de tout re-traduire en français...dsl(lol)
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    All forums    Young guys for young guys (20s, teens)    mission 1: find a boyfriend before christmas

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