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Edit your messages
A lot of guys post a message, and then realise they forgot to say something (e.g. their email address). Please don't make a new message just for this - just edit your original message. Here's how:
1. Go to your original message.
2. Click on the Edit or Delete Message button 14
3. Change or add whatever you forgot.
4. Click on the Post Now button.
Your message is changed immediately. Easy, isn't it?

Delete your messages
Sometimes you post a message and then change your mind. Sometimes you have lots of old unwanted messages. Here's how to delete a message.
1. Go to the message.
2. Click on the Edit or Delete Message button 14
3. Click on the "Delete message ...?" link.

Delete threads that you started
If other members have replied to your original message, your message becomes a thread and you cannot delete it. If it's just a single mesage with no replies, then you can still delete the whole thing as you would delete your own message (see above).

If you want to delete a thread that you started, just report the thread to the moderation team using the 13 button, and we can do it for you.

Start a private topic
Some guys don't put their email address in their public profile. That's OK, you can still contact them privately. Start a Private Topic!
1. Click on the guy's name next to the message.
2. A list of options will appear. Click on the fourth link "Invite OO to a Private Topic"
3. Write your message.
4. Click the "Post Now" button.
Only you and the other guy can read the message (Not even I with my special powers can read Private Topics!).
And don't forget to check your private messaging each time you log in to JguyUSguy!

Report a post
Felt offended by a post? Feeling harassed by another member? If you have a problem with someone else's messages and posts, you can report it to the moderators for review. Here's how.
1. Click on the Report This Post button 13
2. In the new window, explain your problem with the post.
3. Click the Continue button.
The moderators will read your message and review the post. We may decide to delete, edit or leave the post as it is. We will use the JguyUSguy terms of use and forum guidelines to help us decide.

How to quote

How to upload a photo 写真を添付

Rename your threads
Sometimes the tangent becomes the meaning for existence in a thread. Here's how to change the title of a thread to keep up with the content. N.B. You can only do this if you started the thread yourself.
1. Go to the edit button 14
2. Change the text in the title field of the new window.
3. Click the Post Now button.

NOTE regarding email. Emailについて。
We honor the mail opt-out only when we mail to the whole membership. On other occasions we usually send mail within two different parameters:
  • Members who have recently logged in and have logged in over 50 times
  • Members who have joined in the last month
Or sometimes we use a more complicated algorithm like: logged in in the past week AND accessed at least 30 times AND joined in the past year

The logic: We don't ask members to pay anything for non-premium access the most of the site. JguyUSguy is not a business. Over ten years our investment of time, money and effort has been WAAAAAAAY higher than the small amounts we get back from premium memberships, ads and sales of this and that. That's fine. The intention is simply to keep the community going, not for profit. But we ask at least that frequent or new users accept promotional mail from us in order to remain members. Think of it as your "payment." It's not asking much, is it? Most members don't mind the mailings, and the mailings serve to direct regular users to interesting new items they may have overlooked.

We don't really know what to do in the case of frequent visitors who don't want any mail. (Or recent visitors who WERE frequent in the past and now don't want any mail.) If you want, we can of course delete your account. But then you won't be able to access most of the site. If the site's not really important in your life, that might be the right solution.

An alternative: You could create a special gmail account just to dump JguyUSguy mailings. That would just require switching the email address on your Groupee account.

So, it's up to you. Do you prefer no mail and no access? Or do you prefer access along with (sometimes a little too much) mail? If having an empty mailbox is more important to you than being a member of our community, see below.

Sorry if you dislike this policy! Contact Jguy and USguy if you want your account completely deleted:
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